Valiant Wings - Airframe Album 15: The Gloster/A.W. Meteor - A Detailed Guide To Britain’s First Jet Fighter

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The fifteenth title in the Airframe Album series is an essential companion for anyone tackling the HK Model (1/32nd), Tamiya, new tool Airfix (1/48th), Dragon, Special Hobby and older kits in 1/72nd scale.

Contents include:
  • Period diagrams
  • Data from flight manuals and spare parts catalogs
  • A wealth of historical photographs and detail images of preserved Meteors
  • Period detail images during production and service use
  • Fully detailed 3D isometric views of prototype, production and test airframes by Wojciech Sankowski
  • Full-color profiles and concise camouflage and marking notes by Richard J. Caruana
  • Lists of all Meteor accessories, decals & masks produced in all scales
  • Kit builds of the new tool Airfix 1/48th FR Mk 9 by Steve Evans and the Dragon 1/72nd F Mk I by Libor Jekl
  • At least 160 pages in total