Valiant Wings - Airframe Album 11: The Fieseler Fi156

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The Storch was a lightweight short-takeoff and landing liaison aircraft that was also used for spotting on occasions.  Around 3,000 airframes were produced by the Germans, and a number of countries build licensed examples before, during and after the war.  A number even fell into Allied hands and were used by notable figures for quick and easy transport between locations, with the long suspension travel allowing it to land in quite rough fields.

This book from Valiant by the prolific Richard A Frank is part of the Airframe Album series, being number 11, and follows the same format as its predecessors.  The book contains a wealth of detailed pictures, profiles from Richard J Caruana, and isometric drawings by Chris Sandham-Bailey.  To the rear is a section on modeling the Storch, with kits in 1:72 and 1:48 built by Libor Jekl and Steve A Evans.

While the contemporary photos are in black and white, the preserved examples are photographed in full color, and the detail in which they are depicted would be an absolute boon to any modeler, especially those wishing to go for ultimate realism.


 i. Introduction

A brief narrative history of the development and operational use of the Storch by the Luftwaffe and other Axis nations, as well as captured and evaluated examples and post-war production

1. Technical Description

Detailed coverage of construction and equipment.

2. Evolution – Prototype, Production and Projected Variants

3D isometrics illustrating differences between variants

3. Camouflage & Markings

Colour side profiles, notes and photographs

4. Models

1:72 of the Smer Fi.156C-3 by Libor Jekl

A conversion of the 1:72 Academy Fi.156C Storch to a K-65 by Libor Jekl

1:48 Tamiya Fi.156 by Steve A Evans


  • Fiesler Fi.156 kit list
  • Fiesler Fi.156 Accessory and Mask list
  • Fiesler Fi.156 Decal list
  • Bibliography