Tankograd Publishing - American Special: M809 5-Ton 6x6 LKW US Army Truck Series

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The M809 5-ton, 6x6 Truck Series is a family of tactical general multipurpose trucks that was designed for use on all types of roads, highways and cross-country terrain. Like its predecessor, the M39 series, the M809 5-ton Truck Series includes a large number of variants, among them the Ribbon Bridge Transporter. In external appearance the vehicles of the M809 Truck Series can be identified by the large drum-type air cleaner on the left front wing. This publication covers in detail and with hitherto unpublished photographs the history of the M809 truck series and all its variants, thus closing an important gap in U.S. Army truck history.
  • Number of Pages: 64
  • Quantity Photos and Illustrations: Illustrated with 119 color photographs and 17 b&w photographs