Tankograd Publishing - American Special: M520 GOER & M561 GAMA Goat Articulated Trucks of the US Army in the Cold War

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In the 1950s the development of highly off-road capable tactical trucks for the US Army was launched. The two outstanding results of this undertaking were from 1966 the M520 Goer and from 1969 the M561 Gama Goat articulated trucks. Their off-road capabilities were milestones in military truck design and the experiences gained with them are still to be found in modern designs. Despite their importance both the Goer and the Gama Goat have hitherto remained relatively unknown and badly documented vehicles. This publication grants for the very first time an in-depth look on both types describing their development, technology and active service. Another major gap in US military vehicle history is now closed.
  • Number of Pages: 72
  • Quantity Photos and Illustrations: 74 color photographs and 80 b&w photographs