Tankograd Publishing - American Special: LVTP7 AAVP7A1 The Amtrac of the US Marines - Development, Technology, Operational Use

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The Landing Vehicle Tracked Personnel Model 7 is an amphibious fully tracked vehicle designed for the United States Marine Corps (USMC). The lightly armored floatable LVTP7 has the mission of deploying Marines, their equipment and supplies ashore during amphibious operations from ships several kilometres off the coast through the surf zone, even when the sea is rough. In addition, the vehicle serves as an armored personnel carrier (APC) during tactical operations on land, and is used to deploy Marines close to their objectives. This publication offers for the first time an extensive coverage of the technical development of the LVTP7-AAVP7A1 family and shows it in action worldwide. In addition the different versions and upgrade kits are described in unprecedented detail with many hitherto unpublished photographs.
  • Illustrated with 106 color photographs, 21 b&w photographs and 6 graphics
  • 64 Pages