Tankograd Publishing - Military Vehicle Special: M113 Armored Personnel Carrier & Variants in Modern German Army Service Part 1

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No other vehicle in the history of modern armored vehicles has been nearly as successful as the American M113 armored personnel carrier (APC). The Heer (Army) of the German Bundeswehr also procured this successful vehicle from 1962 onwards, fielding it under the name Mannschaftstransportwagen (MTW) M 113. In the Cold War period, some 4,000 M 113s and variants belonged to the vehicle inventory of the German Army, among them many specialized variants. During their service with the German Bundeswehr, vehicles of the M 113 family were also put through several programs aimed at improving their combat capabilities and extending their in-service life. 
This documentation (requiring four parts due to huge amount of variants) describes and illustrates in detail the use of the M 113 MTW and its variants by the Bundeswehr from 1962 to the present. In part 1:
  1. M113 Development
  2. M 113 American Predecessors
  3. M113s and Variants in Service with the German Bundeswehr
  4. M 113 Technology 
  5. "Germanisation" - The M 113 G
  6. M 113 A1 (M 113 A1 G/M 113 A2 G)
  7. NDV Service Life Extension Programs
  • 64 Pages 
  • Illustrated with 60 color photographs, 41 black & white photographs, 23 graphics and one five-view 1/35
  • Language : English