Tankograd Publishing - American Special: M88 Armored Recovery Vehicle of the US Army

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The Recovery Vehicle, Full-Tracked, Medium, M88 ARV was introduced from 1960 and since then forms the backbone of heavy recovery operations within the U.S. Army and U.S. Marine Corps. Several attempts have been made to replace it, without any success yet. The M88 was modernized to the M88A1 and stays in service up till today with its most modern version, the M88A2 HERCULES heavy armored recovery vehicle. This publication describes the development history and variants of the M88 family, from the early days in U.S. service to modern day's Operation Iraqi Freedom, with comprehensive text and many hitherto unpublished photographs including detailed walk arounds. Added to the U.S. history is the use of the M88 and its variants in foreign armies.
  • Number of Pages: 64 Pages
  • 124 color photographs
  • 28 black & white photographs
  • Text: English