Squadron Signal Mig-15 Walk Around

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In late 1947 the prototype of the MiG-15 took to the air. The MiG-15 was intended to be a heavily armed, fast climbing intercepter of US bombers attacking the USSR. In 1950 the MiG-15 was employed in the conflict in Korea, showing more than a match for the allied fighters in theater (F-80s, Meteors, F-51s, etc.). It was only when the USAF brought in the F-86 Sabre that the MiG-15 had an equal adversary. It was with the success of the Mig-15 and other winning designs from the MiG Design Bureau, that the term "MiG" became synonymous with Soviet Fighter. This title includes inside and out coverage of the MiG-15 Fagot-A.

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  • 80 Pages