Squadron Signal Ilyushin IL-4 in Action

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Ilyushin IL-4 In Action. Book by Hans-Heiri Stapfer. Squadron Signal Books. Operational history and development of Russia's IL-4 bomber, reconnaissance, and torpedo aircraft.  Includes the DB-3S, DB-3B, DB-3T, DB-3TP, DB-3T (Experimental), Capsule DB-3, TsKB-30, DB-3M, TsKB-30 N-1, DB-3F, DB-3F, IL-4, IL-4TK, and IL-6 variants.  Also covers the DB-3F in German and IL-4 in Finnish service.
  • Approximately 90 photos
  • B/W line drawings
  • 10 color profiles
  • 50 pages