PLA Editions Abrams Squad: Modelling the Gulf War

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The Abrams Squad commemorate the 25th Anniversary of the Gulf War by publishing a special issue with nine stunning articles of models in 1/35 scale:

  • US LAV25 Desert Shield by Pere Pla
  • Iraqi T-55 Model 1970 by Andy Taylor
  • USMC M60A1 by Javier Soler
  • French AMX30B2 by Vlad Adamec
  • British Challenger I by John Murphy
  • US MLRS by Andrei Grechkin
  • Iraqi T-72 by Lukasz Orzyc Musialek 
  • US M1A1 Abrams by Domingo Hernández
  • Painting camouflage in figures by Igor Gurochkin

A complete guide of articles with “how to build” and “how to paint” tips for the most mythical vehicles of the Gulf War. A book full of inspiration for all types of modelers, from beginners to advanced.

  1. Soft Cover
  2. 112 Pages