PLA Editions Abrams Squad: Bear in the Mud Modelling the Russian Armour in Eastern Europe

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After the success of "Bear in the Sand", a special issue of Abrams Squad devoted to the Russian armor used in Libya, Syria and other desert conflicts, they launched the "Bear in the Mud". A book full of amazing models and scenes of Russian armor in conflicts recently happened in Eastern Europe: Chechnya, Georgia, Ukraine.

A complete guide of articles with “how to build” and “how to paint” tips for some of the most representative vehicles of the Russian army in the recent conflicts. It also focused on the diorama, ambientation and scenes. A book full of inspiration for all types of modelers, from beginners to advanced with dozens of real pictures and reference pictures from the combats and the amazing effects of the mud on the vehicles.

  • Soft Cover
  • 180 Pages

Introduction with amazing photographs for reference.

"Bear in the Mud" T-90 by Pere Pla
"PION 2S7" by Diego Bruzzone
"T-55AM in Georgia" by Zhendong Li
"2S9 NONA in Grozny" by Ignat Pomazkov
"Disintegration of Sanity" MTL-B & GAZ-66 by Bernard Bassous
"Even the strong get hurt" URAL by Konstantinos Tsiompris
"The Battle of Chechnya" BTR-80 by Imad Bouantoun