Osprey Publishing Vanguard: Superguns 1854-1991 Extreme Artillery from the Paris Gun & the V3 to Iraq's Project Babylon

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Over the last 150 years, gun designers have sought to transform warfare with artillery of superlative range and power, from William Armstrong's 19th-century "monster guns” to the latest research into hypersonic electro-magnetic railguns.

Taking a case study approach, Superguns explains the technology and role of the finest monster weapons of each era. It looks at the 1918 "Wilhelm Gun,” designed to shell Paris from behind the German trenches; the World War II "V-3” gun built to bombard London across the Channel; the Cold War atomic cannons of the US and Soviet Union; and the story of Dr Gerald Bull's HARP program and the Iraqi "Supergun” he designed for Saddam Hussein. Illustrated throughout, this is an authoritative history of the greatest and most ambitious artillery pieces of all time.


  • Introduction 
  • The 19th Century: William Armstrong's 'Monster Guns' 
  • World War I: The Paris Gun 
  • World War II German Superguns: Dora and the V-3 
  • Cold War Superguns: US Atomic Cannon and Soviet Oka and Kondensator 
  • Gerard Bull's Superguns: HARP and Project Babylon 
  • Current Developments 
  • Bibliography 
  • Index