Osprey Publishing Duel: B29 Superfortress vs Ki44 Tojo

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By the time the Americans began their aerial bombardment of Japan in 1944, both the JAAF and IJNAF were spent forces. What the Japanese did have though was the Ki-44 "Tojo". Armed with two 40 mm cannon, it was the most heavily armed and feared single-seat fighter to see action against the new American bomber, the B-29 Superfortress. For the bomber crews, they had what they believed was their ‘ace in the hole': a fully armed B-29 carried four remotely operated gun turrets and a tail gunner's position, making it the world's most advanced self-defending bomber. In every respect, the Ki-44 pilots were fighting a desperate battle. Many who made their mark did so using suicidal ramming attacks or "taiatari". Illustrated w/full-color artwork, this volume examines why the Ki-44 was unable to break up bomber formations conventionally during the Pacific War and how its ramming tactics, while terrifying, graphically revealed Japan's inability to stop the B-29.

  • Soft Cover
  • 80 Pages

  • Contents:

    • Introduction 
    • Chronology
    • Design and Development 
    • Technical Specifications 
    • The Strategic Situation 
    • The Combatants 
    • Combat 
    • Statistics and Analysis 
    • Aftermath 
    • Further Reading 
    • Index