Osprey Publishing Aircraft of the Aces: Ju88 Aces of WWII

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Initially designed as a fast medium bomber, the Junkers Ju 88 was also used as a Zerstörer heavy fighter by the Luftwaffe. It saw its combat debut over Poland in 1939, and heavy fighter variants saw action on every front up to VE Day. The ultimate Ju 88 fighter variant was the G-model of 1944, which boasted a FuG 220 or 227 radar, an astounding array of cannon and machine gun armament and advanced Junkers Jumo or BMW engines.

A dedicated night fighter, the first Ju 88G-1s entered service with the Nachtjagd in the summer of 1944, replacing Ju 88C/Rs as well as some Bf 110Gs. Despite suffering heavy losses in the final months of the war, Ju 88Gs also inflicted serious casualties on Bomber Command throughout the war.

From patrolling over the Bay of Biscay to the Arctic circle opposing Allied convoys and, most successfully, as radar-equipped night fighters engaging RAF heavy bombers during the defense of the Reich operations from late 1941, this is the story of the Ju 88 aces who menaced Allied aircraft and shipping throughout World War 2.


  • Chapter One:

Early Beginnings

  • Chapter Two:

Radarless Nightfighters

  • Chapter Three:

Bloody Bay of Biscay

  • Chapter Four:

Arctic Operations

  • Chapter Five:

Ju 88G - Ultimate Nightfighter

  • Appendices
  • Index