Osprey Publishing Aircraft of the Aces: Jagdgeschwader 1 Oesau Aces 1939-45

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Formed shortly after the outbreak of World War 2, and equipped with Messerschmitt Bf 109Es, Jagdgeschwader 1 was initially tasked to defend the regional North Sea and Baltic coastal areas and Germany's main port cities and naval bases. The greatest task for JG 1 though came after 1942 in its defense of the Reich against the US Eighth Air Force's B-17s and B-24s, bearing the brunt of defense against increasingly regular, larger and deep penetrating USAAF daylight bomber raids with fighter escort. Levels of attrition subsequently grew, but so did experience among the leading aces, who were often the subject of propaganda films and literature.

Many of Germany's most famous World War 2 aces flew with JG 1 including Herbert Ihlefeld (132 victories), Heinz Bär (220) and Walter Oesau (127), piloting Bf 109Es, Fw 190s and the Heinkel 162 jet fighter. Packed with photographs and profile artwork and revealing first-hand accounts, this is the compelling story of the Luftwaffe fighter pilots who battled to defend the skies of Germany.
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Chapter 1: Guarding the Ramparts 1939-1942

Chapter 2: Enemy at the Gates 1943
Chapter 3: The Bastion Holds 1944
Chapter 4: Invasion: The Fortress is Breached 1944
Chapter 5: Last-Ditch 1944-1945
Chapter 6: Volksjäger 1945


  • Appendix A - Senior Executive Officers Jagdgeschwader 1
  • Appendix B - Pilots of JG1 Who Became Recipients of the Knight's Cross
  • Appendix C - Pilots with 6+ Four-Engined Victories Who Served With JG1
Color Plates Commentary
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