Mr. Black Publications Scale Model Handbook: Figure Modelling Vol. 9

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This is the ninth edition in the Scale Model Handbook series, dedicated to modelling miniature figures and ‘Figure Modelling 9’ covers a variety of themes and historical periods.

Our cover subject - a 54mm mounted figure from Pegaso Models - is featured over 20 pages of this edition where the gifted and very talented artist Ernesto Reyes Stalhuth provides a complete painting guide. The 117 step-by-step photos display every tiny detail, from the construction of the horse and rider, the base and groundwork to the exquisite painting sequences using acrylics, oils and printers’ inks. Even if you are an experienced modeller or newcomer to the hobby, this article offers much of interest.  

Igor Kordyukov presents his second masterpiece in sculpting for Mr Black Publications with 82 step-by-step photos of his vignette called, ‘A Grey Beard, but Lusty Heart’, which has now been released as a commercial piece by Irbis Miniatures.

Sergey Popovichenko returns with his second article, “The Last Resistance Fighter”, from Taurus Miniatures. He puts this girl ‘fighter’ in a scratch built scenic setting using various construction and painting techniques, finishing mainly with oil paints and illustrated with 34 step-by-step photos.

Last, but not least is a ‘Master Class Figure Gallery’ by Christos Katselos where in 11 pages you’ll find eight masterpieces and a detailed text explaining his techniques. This article is a true work of art that eveone will want to study to make their next creations better... And perhaps more elegant!

Once again thanks must go to all the artists sharing their work with us in ‘Figure Modelling 9’, along with special thanks to Pietro Balloni, Luca Marchetti and Ken Jones.