Mr. Black Publications Scale Model Handbook: Figure Modelling Vol. 5

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The 5th book from Scale Model Handbook series is coming with many articles about box art painted figures. Learn techniques and tips from the masters on how to paint your models using either brushes or airbrush and make your own scratch-built figure, following the instructions of a master sculptor. This edition is completed with an article on how to paint metallic surfaces without using metallic colors!

4 Officer of the Tsar’s Guard Russia, 1830 - 75mm.
15 ‘Hajduk’ Serbian War of Independence - 75mm.
18 Addih-Hiddisch- 120mm.
26 Attila, King of the Huns, A.D. 451 - 54mm.
30 Australian “Digger”, Kokoda Trail c.1942 - 180mm.
32 Sculpting a German Reversible Winter Parka - 50mm.
40 Sgt Connor, Serpentian Heavy Infantry - 54mm.
46 Sergeant Bernard Mc Cabe, Sobraon, 1846 – 120mm.