Mr. Black Publications Scale Model Handbook: Diorama Modelling Vol.1

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Welcome to the first book about modeling dioramas in Mr. Black Publications’ series of Scale Model Handbooks. We promised in our first issue that our publications would eventually cover a greater variety of military modeling themes and now our first special issue dedicated to various types of dioramas has come to fruition! While gathering material for such a special book we soon realized that it wouldn’t be possible to cover everything we wanted to in our standard 52-page format, so a 100-page book became inevitable to provide more coverage and satisfy the requirements of our readers. Different approaches, techniques and step-by-step instructions are covered in more than 400 photographs and associated texts to inspire you, the reader, to make your own creations. 100 Pages.

  • Bailén, July 1808 - 54mm (1/32)
  • Back to the Front - 120mm (1/16)
  • US M3 Stuart “Honey” - 50mm (1/35)
  • Die Ostfront 1945 - 120mm (1/16)
  • Conquistadors - 75mm (1/24)
  • “The Cannon” - 50mm (1/35)
  • Kings of the Road - 54mm (1/32)
  • Making Pine Trees - 50mm(1/35) /54mm(1/32)
  • Near Moscow, December 1941 - 50mm(1/35)/ 54mm(1/32)