Morning Sun Volume 1 C&NW Color Guide to Freight and Passenger Equipment Book

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Pictures of the Chicago Great Western rolling stock are of the equipment painted in C&NW colors with CGW reporting marks. The Minneapolis & St. Louis, Des Moines and Central Iowa and Fort Dodge, Des Moines and the Southern rolling stock is mostly seen before C&NW paint. The rolling stock photos include many cabooses both wooden and steel in predecessor railroad paint. There are also many C&NW heavyweight passenger cars seen in this title.

The first in a two-part exploration of the myriad equipment of the Chicago & North Western and the companies it acquired in the 1950s and 60s.


  1. C&NW 1980s Business Train, pp. 4-11;
  2. C&NW's Passenger Car Fleet and Business Cars prior to 1980, pp. 12-25;
  3. C&NW's Commuter and Bi-Level Fleet, pp. 26-30;
  4. C&NW Cabooses, pp. 31-44;
  5. Auto Rack Cars and Trailers, pp. 44-47;
  6. C&NW Non-revenue Equipment, pp. 47-66;
  7. Chicago Great Western, pp. 67-76;
  8. Chicago, St. Paul, Minneapolis & Omaha, pp. 76-84;
  9. Des Moines & Central Iowa, pp. 85-86;
  10. Ft. Dodge, Des Moines & Southern, pp. 86-93;
  11. Litchfield & Madison, pp. 94-95;
  12. Minneapolis & St. Louis, pp. 96-122;
  13. Leased Cars, pp. 122-128.
  • Hard Cover with dust jacket
  • 128 All Color Pages