Morning Sun Freight Car Color Portfolio Book 4: ACFX-CSXT

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Freight Car Color Portfolio Volume 5: CSXT-NS, Emery Gulash's 1980-2000 Photography is a treasure trove for modelers looking for color freight car photos in the heyday of the mega-merger era. Emery was a well-known photographer and movie shooter, but he also took photos of an incredible variety of railroad scenes. This volume covers cars in the 1980-2000 timeframe. Car owners include CSXT, CUVA, CV, CYDX, DEEX, DJJX, DLRX, DME, DOWX, DTI, DTTX, DUPX, EAGX, EJ&E, ELTX, ETTX, FCEN, FLIX, FRDX, FTTX, FURX, GACX, GATX, GNRR, GPSX, GRPX, GTW, GVSR, HCGX, HLMX, HOKX, HS, HTTX, HZGX, IBT, IC, IHB, IPWX, JAIX, KCLX, KCS, L&N, LW, MCHX, MDW, MELX, MILW, MP, MS, N&W, NAHX, NOKX, NS and more. Color images paired with informative captions make Freight Car Color Portfolio a must-have photographic resource for freight car modelers and enthusiasts.

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  • 96 Pages