Morning Sun Caboose Color Portfolio Book 3: N-Y

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Caboose Color Portfolio, Book 3: N-Y from Morning Sun Books is a compendium of color roster shots taken by a variety of photographers from the 1950s through the 1980s. Color images are paired with informative captions making the Caboose Color Portfolio a must-have photographic resource for freight car modelers and enthusiasts. Book 2 includes the following railroads and more: N&W, NdeM, NH, NJ, NKP, NN, NP, NS, NYC, ON, P&E, P&S, P&LE, P&W, PC, PRR, RDG, RF&P, RI, RR, SAL, SCL, SLSF, SOO, SOU, SP, SP&S, TH&B, TP&W, TRRA, TT, UP, WAB, WM, WP, WP&Y and YW.
  • Soft Cover
  • 96 Pages