Morning Sun Caboose Color Portfolio Book 2: D-M

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Caboose Color Portfolio, Book 2: D-M from Morning Sun Books is a compendium of color roster shots taken by a variety of photographers from the 1950s through the 1980. Color images are paired with informative captions making the Caboose Color Portfolio a must-have photographic resource for freight car modelers and enthusiasts. Book 2 includes the following railroads and more: D&H, D&S, D&TS, DL&W, DM&CI, DM&IR, D&RGW, DSS&A, DT, DT&I, DWP, EJ&E, EL, Erie, FCP, FP&E, FDDM&S, FW&D, G&F, GA, GB&W, GM&O, GN, G&W, GTW, GW, IC, ICG, IHB, INT, IT, IU, KCS, L&HR, L&M, L&N, L&NE, L&NW, LIRR, LS&I, LV, M&B, M&E, M&P, M&St.L, MEC, MILW, MKT, MNS, Monon, MP and Monongahela MRY.
  • Soft Cover
  • 96 Pages