Kalmbach Books Model Railroader's How to Guide N Scale Railroading Vol. 2

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There have been numerous advances in N scale railroading since the first edition of this book, and the author addresses them all, from track to train control. He takes beginners through step-by-step chapters that show them how to build and operate a complete N scale 4 x 8-foot railroad based on his Androscoggin Central, an interesting and challenging New England railroad.

Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: N scale basics 
Chapter 2: Planning your railroad 
Chapter 3: Benchwork 
Chapter 4: Basics of track 
Chapter 5: Wiring and train control 
Chapter 6: Locomotives 
Chapter 7: Rolling stock and couplers 
Chapter 8: Structures: Models that don't roll 
Chapter 9: Meet the Androscoggin Central 
Chapter 10: Getting trains running 
Chapter 11: Adding scenery and details

    • Soft Cover
    • Pages: 96
    • Color Photos: 200