Kagero Ships Super Drawings 3D: Schnellboot Type S38 & S100

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S38b and S100 E-boats class were German fast attack craft (Schnellboot in German) built for the Kriegsmarine during World War Two.

The E-boats (a British designation using the letter  E  for  Enemy) were defined by many naval experts as the best carrying out of their category. Initially, these units were called Unterseebot Zerstörer (Hunting Submarine) and Anti-Submarine Motorboats or Armored Motorboats, as they had an important anti-submarine mission. Later the Kaiserliche Marine (Imperial German Navy) adopted the designation of Luftschiffmotorenboot (boat with an airship engine) or L-Boote and, therefore, from November 1917, the units became LM-Boote, with the same meaning, but their use, especially in the Baltic Sea and the North Sea, was not particularly successful.
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