Classic Warships Shipcraft Special: Allied Torpedo Boats (Hard Cover)

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In this special, hard backed volume of the Shipcraft series, the topic is the Allied Torpedo Boat. This edition is twice the size of the standard book and covers the pre-war and wartime evolution of the torpedo boat. Developments in horsepower and firepower and the subsequent implementation thereof are discussed, giving ample coverage to both the Royal Navy and the United States Navy forces. Some of these developments benefitted both navies, while others reflected the differing missions and requirements of each service.

Book Contents

  • Coastal Forces Development 915-1945
  • Model Products
  • Modelmakers's Showcase
  • Colour Schemes
  • Construction
  • Armament
  • Appearance
  • Experimental Craft
  • Selected References
The nine sections of this book are somewhat deceptive. The first three parts are substantive with plenty of text, photographs and drawings. There is no break identifying the color section from the showcase, however; the color scheme section is very short; six pages. The construction section is even shorter; only 4. The armament section returns to the lengthy character of the earlier sections.

One standard of the Shipcraft series is the Model Products section. This is always interesting, seeing coverage of all the various kits in a variety of scales that are available. This subject matter is conducive to a larger variety of scale than usual, as well a greater selection of accessories, making the Products section an even more enjoyable read than usual.