Casemate Books German & Russian Tanks Models 1939-45

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The Second World War is a favorite for modelers, and this comprehensive guide to techniques suitable for 1/72, 1/48 and 1/35 scale tank models will be invaluable to modelers wanting to recreate the iconic tanks of this conflict. From the Russian T-34 at the time of the battle of Kursk, and Su-152 in winter camouflage, to the German Panzer I in North Africa, and the gigantic Maus, as it might have appeared just after the war ended, this book offers a wealth of detail into the necessary tools, paints and techniques to perfect a realistic finish.


Mario Eens is considered one of the best modelers in the world, and a regular contributor to specialized magazine Steelmasters.


Panzer I, North Africa 1941
T-34/76, Russia summer 1943
PzKpf VIII Mus, Germany 1946
SU-152, Eastern Front winter 1943
Russian Infantry, Berlin 1945

  • Pages: 132
  • Over 200 Color Photographs