Casemate Books The Essential Vehicle Identification Guide: Small Arms 1914-45 (Hardback)

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Illustrated with outstanding color profile artworks, The Essential Identification Guide: Small Arms 1914–45 is the definitive study of the small arms equipment of warring nations across both world wars. Organized by conflict and within each war by front, the book describes in depth the various models in service with each force. All the key small arms are featured, such as handguns, machine guns and submachine guns, bolt-action and automatic rifles, and grenade launchers, and all the key models are included, such as the Colt .45 handgun, the Thompson M1928 submachine gun, the Type 92 machine gun, the SMLE rifle, the Bren gun, the MP40 machine pistol, and the M1 Garand rifle. Illustrated with more than 200 color profile artworks and with accompanying specifications and background text, The Essential Identification Guide: Small Arms 1914–45 is an excellent reference guide for modelers and any enthusiast with an interest in the military technology of the twentieth century.