Canfora Publishing On Display Vol. 4: Under the Red Star Soviet WWII Vehicles

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Soviet vehicles have long been overshadowed by those from Germany, and to some extent also Allied machines, but in repeated circles, we see a growing interest in this field; interest in both Soviet and Russian subjects appears to be peaking once more. The steady stream of new kits is a testimony to that, and this book is just the beginning of what will come in the future from Canfora Publishing, regarding pure modeling books and those for reference.
The book aims to provide all the information necessary to complete an authentic model, whether it’s super-detailed or built out of the box. With the different approaches, we believe the features included will appeal to modelers at all levels, and each project is lavishly described in the many in-progress photos.

In this volume, well-known builders from the international modeling community impart their skills, as well as new names we are very proud to introduce. All the contributors have been rewarded at model shows, and maintain a steady output of high-quality work for us to admire with awe.