Canfora Publishing Aircraft Pictorial Series: Fallen Stars 1 Crashed, Damaged & Captured Aircraft of the USAAF

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The most difficult task in developing this series was selecting the images for the first book. There were many outstanding photos to choose from, and "competition" for placement became fierce. The end result is a fantastic visual reference for aviation historians, modelers, and other WWII aircraft enthusiasts. All of the classic USAAF fighters and bombers are represented.

The photos speak for themselves, and Canfor doesn't let extraneous text get in their way apart from short but enlightening captions. The reader´s ability to drill down to the most intricate level of detail never ceases to amaze and based on the demonstrated photo interpretation skills of our global audience, we suspect that you will have a lot of fun analyzing this collection of images of distressed US Army Air Force aircraft in WWII.

  • Soft Cover
  • 128 Pages
  • 13 Types Depicted
  • 140 Photos
  • Detailed Captions

About the Author

From his secret base in North America, buried under a mountain of historical photographs, Tom Laemlein has been redefining the concept of the military history "photo study" for the past 15 years. Leveraging his massive photo library, Tom has a knack for publishing images that expose the details of the weapons and battles of the 20th Century, much to the delight of a global audience of historians. This book is the first in a series that Tom is developing for Canfora Publishing.