Auriga Publishing Static Model Manual 9: Figurevolution Building & Painting

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With a bit of practice, using well-known techniques and proven materials it is not difficult to achieve miniatures at a more than respectable level.

There is in the human soul, however, a constant desire to progress. Mastery of a passable technique is nothing more than a departure point to be able to elevate the miniature from a simple object that is aesthetically pleasing to a means of communication.

In order to achieve this important goal, another element is necessary: the idea.

This is an undefinable element that has to be recognized and cultivated, stripped to its essentials and then developed so that it can germinate like a precious seed.

After having amply discussed technique in Volume 5 of the Static Model Manual series, the path presented by the author in this new volume is focused around the idea itself.

An excess of technique results in virtuosity, the development of a vision that lacks the required skills often leads to mediocre results. The solution lies in a search for balance, but this is not always an easy path, as there are many variables in play and one’s personal imprint becomes increasingly more relevant.

In this volume, Alex Michelotti attempts to provide us substantial assistance to enable us to reach the goal of creating our own personal style!