Auriga Publishing Static Model Manual 14: Fighter Propeller WWII One Hundred & One Tips

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New volume of the Static Model Manual series entirely dedicated to World War II propeller hunting. Well-known subjects, however, revisited in a wider perspective that goes beyond the simple plane to bring together historical rigor with the artistic taste of a balanced and captivating setting. The four authors have joined forces and worked in concert to give a varied and in-depth overview of what can be achieved by carefully balancing construction, improvement and modification techniques with accurate coloration, balanced aging and an overall yield rich in taste and charm. Written by modelers for model makers, the text is richly illustrated, the techniques are explained with step by step photos that make your hands prude and want plastic! The subjects have been carefully chosen to give a broad overview of aeronautical modeling with key points to reproduce the various liveries, from the metallic ones to the complex ones, from the new aircraft to the aged and worn one. A must for all fans and a real mine of tips and ideas!