AK Interactive How to Make Toon Models Tutorial Book

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This book explains in a simple but effective way with different levels of difficulty how to work with the Toon models (or egg models) which popularity is expanding worldwide, and establishing itself as a new trend on which several brands have set their sights. This is the first tutorial book focused on this kind of modeling, in which well known internationally modelers have participated. Both for beginners who want to start in the hobby and for veterans looking for new experiences, the toons represent a new point of view without historical ties and a testing ground for many modelers.

A lot of land to discover, the book is a different, very striking guide that will make you enjoy modeling while learning how to deal with these little ones. The tutorial covers from airplanes to tanks, also including cars and boats and, of course, figures. Try to read it, without being tempted to build one of these.
  • 156 Pages